tirsdag 4. mai 2010

Paris je t'aime

Paris, the city of lights. But also on of the greatest fashion metropoles. I just jadore the people, the language, their great sense of style, the art and of course the desserts. I mean, whats not to love about that city?
....And here is some typical french style for you:

22 ans, étalagiste-décoratrice
Echarpe : Alexander McQueen
Sac : Mulberry
Pantalon : Topshop
Chaussures : Topshop

Wear your silk-trousers with stripes and ballerinas for a french loook.

18 ans, mannequin

Gilet: Bensimon
Sac: by Malene Birger

Keep it simpel and black, and ad a cardigan to keep the look chick and casual.

29, rédactrice mode

Pull: Givenchy
Chaussures: Miu Miu
Jean: Gap
Sac: Yves Saint Laurent

Mix designer-pieces with high-street. Dress in black and white, and ad just a hint of colours, like the scarf and the silver shoes.

Pictures from vogue.fr

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